Building Image, Communicating & Implementing....

We create and design full integrated marketing communication and guerilla marketing strategies to gain our clients market share in their respective markets. Our design and implementation methods allow us to stay flexible while achieving targets and maximizing ROI and enhancing reputation across multiple platforms.

Think Win, Win!

With a full spectrum guerrilla marketing and integrated marketing communication plans, designed for your needs; from Conception to implementation and eventual success measurement and feedback, our plans give our clients that extra push in their markets towards industry leadership and competitive advantage.

Marketing Strategy

Get the marketing campaign that will increase your competitive edge and gain that extra market share. We offer the flexible marketing strategies that are right for you.


Business Plans

Just starting out or need a new model? Start with Primark and get a turn-key business plan that works and adapts as you grow.


Sales Force Tactics

What, Who, How and Where do you need to go to get the optimum sales for your new product? Our sales tactics help to optimise your returns and reach your targets.

Guerilla Marketing

We thrive in highly competitive markets, using minimal resources to maximum effect through alternate marketing communication strategy that effectively carves out market share for your business.


Business Consultation

If you need that alternate point of view or a like mind to bounce your ideas off, our in-house consultants are always ready to listen and help.



Combining the campaigns and strategies already in place to re-design and streamline an integrated marketing strategy.

Placement, It’s Everything, Almost…

Let us strategically map your market strength and offerings in compassion to your competition and stakeholders in the industry. We can create a competitive positioning strategy and gear your marketing message to place your brand in the minds of your target market. The goal here is to increase your businesses market share through segmented emotional marketing triggers.


Strategic Mapping

How does your business compare to your competition and how can we move on their position in the market.



Activating your message to the market includes interacting with a wide range of communication media and is all coupled with your marketing strategy to create a streamlined campaign.


Message Gearing

What is your current image saying about your company? What image do you want to be communicate to your market?



Design the message and public image that will be connect your brand and business to the emotional image portrayed to your market.


Monitor & Report

Primark prides itself on quality of service, and the best way to maintain our quality is through monitoring and reporting back on the success of your new positioning strategies and their effect on your market.



When we have measured our impact, we then know how to change and adapt to improve our results and your ROI and market share.

We’ll Say it Best, Always.

Primark offers public relations strategies, corporate social events and awareness campaigns to build public exposure and create a lasting first impression and brand image that effectively communicates your company…


Press Releases

Place your company in the public eye through local press releases and local news papers. Launches and events on what your business has to offer are great and what your advancements will mean for the community.


Corporate Social

Show your businesses true colours and gives back to the community that has cradled your business and heled you get to where you are; we design corporate social events and CSI implementation.



An anniversary, company birthday, milestone or promotional event? We have the resources to make an event with a promotional Bang, all designed around your original marketing and image needs.



the crazy and wonderful world of getting people to go out into the world and picket, shout, scream, talk and show-off your brand physically in the market’s eye.



Again; integrating your current programs and CSI strategies with your overarching marketing strategies to create a streamline and efficient goal driven campaign.


Reputation Management

Managing your reputation and how the public perceives your company via your CSI and positioning market channels. Are you what the public wants?

Analyse, Iterate, Stay Ahead.

To actively engage in a market, a business must understand the market! We offer market analytic research which provide us with the information needed to create an effective strategy and measure the success of your current campaigns.


Market Research

Need information? We provide stats that you may require to give you that competitive edge over your competition, such as new competing stores in the retail sector, prices of crucial resources and more.



Understanding current market trends will give an edge on your competition on how the market is changing, this gives you the opportunity to use Primark’s marketing strategies and adapt and take advantage of the changes.



What is the size and competitive nature of the current market in which you are investing into?


Industry Potential

Understanding how and what to invest into will ensure you choose the best business to invest into. We can offer analytic tools so you can see who the market leader is and who could be.


PESTLE Analysis

International and national expansion needs more information than just market statistics, you need to consider everything; PESTLE analysis will help you gain a foot hold in your new market.


Price Comparison

Comparing your prices to your competition will aid your company in penetrating the market using a Primark Strategy to do it of course.

Moving On, Online.

Our digital media offerings will ensure that you are represented at your best, always! We offer a turn-key service to facilitate all of your interactive needs.



Being online gives your brand 24/7 exposure, we create interesting ideas and re-design old, outdated websites.



Sell online to anywhere in the world easily and explore untouched markets affordably.


Social Media

We create conversations that your audience enjoy, making your brand more approachable.



Capture the moment with crystal clear photography. We frame your brand the right way!



Want to be top of Google? Everyone does, let us help you get there with a tailored SEO solution


Graphic Design

Image is everything, we offer Corporate Identity, Iconography, Business Cards and more.



Animation is a great way to showcase your product or offer people virtual tours.



Whether it is for a golf day, conference or induction video, we create specialized productions that work.

Print Media For Every Need

We offer a wide range of printing solutions to maximise your marketing efforts. If you need to be seen, we have the products to get you recognized…

Business Essentials

The business printing essentials includes a broad variety of print mediums from embroidery, digital printing, Vehicle wrap, silk-screening and vinyl heat printing. Our Printing versatility allows us to print on anything.



promote through the everyday use of an item, magnets are used daily and therefore your brand is promoted daily; on the fridge, white board, and desk and any metal surface.



from smaller mobile sign boards to larger wall signage to the illuminating light box signs, we can do it all!


Large Format

Billboards and shopping centre signs for mass constant exposure.


Labelling for your new product line or promotional event for corporate gifts, we have labels for any retail and promotional need. As well as integrated labelling of your own business clothing.



when delivering a product to a client, the packaging of that product gives a first impression; we offer a way for your company to give a great first impression with custom made packaging and boxes.


Engraving & Laser Art

don’t just give out common gifts or stationary, get them branded with a permanent artistic engraving.



Banners are the perfect way to promote your company at your next event; they are movable, durable and easily manageable.

We can clothe you, in class.

We are able to offer any form of garment you may require, even totally custom made garments to order. All items are easily brand-able with your required corporate identity information.

Golf Shirts

Choose from a variety of golf shirts for the next big golf day, and promote your company image on the right foot.



The most versatile and diverse clothing item to offer, you can’t go wrong with a good quality branded promotional T.


Caps & Beanies

What better way to expose your brand by using a cap in summer and beanies in winter, our wide range of choices and high quality products ensures your image is communicated.


Show staff dedication and commitment to their health and safety by using quality work overalls branding with the company that cares.



Are you looking for a constant image throughout your business get branded office clothing and reinforce your business image.


Jerseys & Hoodies

A great way to promote your company after office hours, get the jerseys and hoodies that people want to use because they work. Our hoodies and warm clothing are of highest quality.

The Pen is the Mightiest of Gifts

With over 25 000 items, we supply branded office stationary for promotions and corporate gifting. All Stationary and gifts are coupled with our engraving and branding services to create promotional tools that suit you.


The most commonly produced and used promotional gift, for a good reason; the wide variety of pens that can be branded and used will make any event or strategy unique and memorable.


Executive Gifting

Need to make a effective first impression? Get a executive gift branded with your logo, creating a lasting first impression and reinforcing your image.


Clock & Watches

wWat’s the time? Time to remind the person you gave the watch or clock to that you gave it to them.


Diaries & Calendars

Longevity branding, show your brand off for an entire year, as each day your brand is exposed to the user and never forgotten.



For the business person on the go, your branded bag will show off your motivation and work ability on the go, where ever you go.

USB Drives

Promote your company with a branded gift that will been seen and used. With each use your brand is being exposed to your client, partner or staff member therefore promoting your name.



Nothing like the positive emotions coupled with a hot cuppa and your brand to create a strong public image.



Your brand protecting the user from the elements, again a positive image connotation.



For the extreme clients your brand will be the one they rely on to illuminate their lives through the dark.


Office Stationery

Primark offers all your office equipment needs, all branded with your name for good internal promotion and staff loyalty connection.

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